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  • Newbie question about adding Hot Line #

    Starting to take over administration of a new ShoreTel rollout. I was involved in connecting the hardware to the network and setting up the SD but have not done much in adding users etc.

    We want to add an outside number for the public to dial in and leave a message. It appears the obvious thing to do is add as a user with a mailbox. Since this is only an incoming line is there a better way to set this up other than a user with a mailbox?


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    I would recommend a workgroup with a mailbox or an autoattendant with default action of Take a Message. Configure it to always forward calls to the voicemail extension.


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      Instead of using an extension and mailbox license. Make a route point to always forward to voice mail. Then set up an autoattendant with a 0 timeout, record a second of silence, and make the time out action to always take a message and put the route point's extension in for that.


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        The Workgroup solution sounds good but are there any license issues? For example do the workgroup members require a Workgroup Call Manager license to login in to the voice mail for this workgroup?


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          No just force them to be logged in to the workgroup, you don't need a workgroup agent license for that. They will then see the voicemail in their PCM. I use that solution all the time.


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            Workgroup it is. Thanks to all who took the time to assist.