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  • Configuring PSTN Failover

    I am having a few issues configuring PSTN failover that I'm hoping someone on this forum can assist me with, but first I need to make sure that I understand how it SHOULD work.

    We have several sites connected by a VPN. The main site has one SG220E1 and 2 x SG90 with a DVM server. We are on version 9.1. The incoming line is an ISDN PRI line connected to the SG220E1 that has all our external numbers on it.The remote sites have an SG-50V. All outgoing calls from the remote sites travel over the VPN and use one of the lines from the PRI.

    I have one remote site where I have configured a PSTN trunk as a failover so that if the VPN link goes down, it can use one of the analogue lines as an outbound line. This is working. The problem I am having is with calls travelling from our head office to the remote site.

    On an extension on the remote site, I have configured an external analogue number belonging to it's PSTN trunk as the PSTN Failover, as I am assuming that this number will be dialled if the ShoreTel Switch from the main office is unable to connect to the switch on the remote site. Is this correct? If not, how can I configure the main site to dial the remote site using a PSTN number if the main VPN link is down.


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    So, at the main site, when the tunnel is down, the Shoretel switch will realize this and use the PSTN failover number, assuming you have it configured correctly for the user at the remote site.

    I would watch the trunk test tool and see what happens when you try to use PSTN Failover.

    This is also assuming that the user is at this remote site with a PSTN trunk.

    Theres not much configuring that needs to be done and it sounds like you have it configured correctly. Watch in the trunk test tool to see if it does attempt to dial out, then make sure its dialing the right number. If it is, it should be hitting your switch at the remote site and then on to the user...


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      Verify the user has a Class of Service that Allows PSTN Failover.


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        Thanks for the replies.
        PSTN Failover is enabled.

        The number being dialed seems to be the problem. The number I enter is as follows:

        0+61 2 1234 5678

        0 - For Outside line
        61 - Australia national code
        2 - New South Wales State Area Code
        1234 5678 - Actual number

        Now the problem I have is if I dial the above number from one of our ShoreTel phones, I can only go as far as 0+612123456 - the last two digits cannot be dialed.

        If I try and enter the number in a different format i.e 0+1234 5678, Shoretel Director responds with invalid number format. Is there somewhere within director where I can change the format of this number?



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          I thought the PSTN failover would only use the users DID in the user profile.


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            You have the option of specifying an external number.


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              I also heard from one of our suppliers that for PSTN failover to work, the site initiating the call (not receiving it) needs to have an analogue trunk available. Does anyone know if this is true?



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                Nope, they just need a trunk, but it doesn't have to be analog.