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  • Call Handling Mode

    I'm the ShoreTel Administrator by default at our company and am still fairly new to ShoreTel. I have an issue I thought would be easy but am having a problem. When our Receptionist goes to lunch I'd like the phone to roll to one of our auto attendants without the use of a schedule, since the time she goes to lunch varies from day to day.

    I've set the "In a Meeting" CHM as follows:
    Call Forward Condition = Always
    Always Destination = Extension (700 AA)
    Enable Find Me = Unchecked
    Enable Message Notification = Unchecked
    All other items are greyed out.

    When she places the phone in "In a Meeting" CHM, and I call from the outside, the phone just rings and rings for the caller (no rings at the reception desk) and finally, after 8-10 rings, rolls to the AA. Is there a way to have it roll directly to the AA after 0 or 1 ring?

    Furthermore, I'm also trying to program the "Out of Office" and "Extended Absence" CHM to another extension in the office to cover for her when she is briefly in the restroom. I have it set up the same as above, but with another employee's extension. I'm having the same results...rings...then AA.

    Any input to point me in the right directly would be appreciated.


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    Sounds like the operator may be fronted by a hunt group. If it is you can busy out the hunt group. Make sure you have the calls going to AA when in a busy state. The operator would hit *18 when she leaves and again when she returns.


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      Smithermang, thanks for your help. I don't mean to sound like a newbie (I am), but how can I tell if the operator account is fronted by a Hunt Group. I've tried changing the CHM to "In a Meeting" and pressing *18, but the phone just thinks I am trying to dial extension *18.


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        Go to the operator phone and pick up the receiver. Press *18. If it is fronted by a hunt goup you will hear "The hunt group has been made busy".


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          I've picked up the receiver and dialed *18. Nothing happens. It is like the phone is waiting for more digits to complete a call. But, definitely no message about a Hunt Group.


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            Looks like it is not in a Hunt Group. I would do the following:

            Create a Hunt Group "Operator Hunt Group"
            Make sure the operator extension is the only extension in the hunt group
            In No Answer field put in the extension of the AA
            Assign the DID number to the hunt group

            Now when the operator needs to leave, she can press *18 to send calls to the AA

            If you need more instructions, send me a message and I will contact you to assist.


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              To busy a Hunt Group, you need to press *18 plus the Hunt Group Extension.

              MK3525 - How do calls get handled by your business? Is every call live answered by the Receptionist? Do calls go to an Auto Attendant first, with a zero option to get to the Receptionist?

              You need to log into Director and figure out the call flow. Start with the Trunk Groups, is it a PRI or Analog Trunks? What's the Default Destination? Check the DNIS Maps and DID Digit Map to see if your Main Number is going elsewhere besides the Default Destination assigned in the Trunk Group.

              Once you know where your main number is ringing to, then you can figure out how to manipulate it's destination based on either Call Handling Modes, Busying out a Hunt Group, etc.


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                Thanks Doc, I left out an important step!


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                  Here is another suggestion to try:
                  1 - Program a 'Route Point' that calls your Auto-Attendant, (assuming it is on a schedule)
                  2 - Have your Operator set a 'Call Handle Mode', say 'Out of the Office', to always go to the 'Route Point'.

                  You have just built a 'Nite Mode Button'...24/7, the operator is 'unavailable', they select 'out of office mode', it forwards to the route point (callers never hear anything different) and they follow the Auto Attendant's schedule.

                  You can set-up the 'route point' on its own schedule. Which can send callers; offsite, an AA, a Mailbox, another Ext. and so on.
                  Send your Callers to the Route Point first, set it up on the same schedule as you AA.
                  With the Operator by Day and the AA by nite and Holidays. If the Operator is not available, set a mode to 'Always' go to the AA.

                  The only problem is the Operator's mailbox? You will have to set that up on the Auto-Attendant, 'to leave a message', press or timeout to it's mailbox.


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                    Originally posted by 59Deano View Post
                    The only problem is the Operator's mailbox? You will have to set that up on the Auto-Attendant, 'to leave a message', press or timeout to it's mailbox.
                    For this suggestion, you will need to replace the Default AA greeting with a silent wav file before it heads to the timeout destination. I've attached one here.

                    EDIT: For some reason the forum will not let me attach a WAV file to this post.


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                      We are on a PRI and the default location for incoming calls is to our Receptionist at Extension 100. When an incoming call comes in, it rings directly at the Reception desk without the need for AA.

                      Thus far I am able to put the Hunt Group in busy mode and undo the change with *18. I have tried to set up a Route Point, Hunt Group or directly just attempt to send the call to an Always Destination when a particular CHM is selected. No matter what I do, the incoming call just continues to ring and never reaches our On Hours AA.

                      As a note, I appreciate all the feedback and input. You guys are great and really helping this lost newbie.

                      Thank you.


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                        I'm not sure if this information helps, but...

                        I tried setting up the same approach on my desk phone. I set the "Out of Office" CHM to Always Destination (Extension 241 - Jackie) and the "Extended Absence" CHM to Always Destination (Extension 700 - On Hours AA). I then called, from my cell phone, to my DID to test the setup. It works perfectly. When set to "Out of Office" it rings directly at Jackie's desk, transparent to the caller. When set to "Extended Absence" it goes directly to the On Hours AA, again transparent to the caller.

                        I am using the exact settings as I am at the Receptionist's phone. The only differences are:

                        Client Type - Personal
                        License Type - Extension & Mailbox

                        Client Type - Operator
                        License Type - Extension Only

                        Hope this helps find the answer.
                        Thanks again.


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                          Can you send me a message with your contact info? I can setup a remote session and look at it for you. This shouldnt take 5 minutes to resolve.


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                            Thanks Smithermang
                            Mike Kienzle
                            Held Properties, Inc.
                            310 300 2200 x25
                            [email protected]

                            I'll be in on Monday at 9:00 am - West Coast time. I appreciate your offer. Thank you.
                            Last edited by MK3525; 02-05-2010, 05:14 PM.


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                              This situation seems like one that is very similar to mine (and forgive me as I am a bit of a newbie). Here's what I am trying to accomplish:

                              When our receptionist leaves for lunch (might be a different time each day), I would like her to be able to change her Call Handling Mode to In a Meeting so that any incoming calls are routed to a voicemail. The voicemail needs to be routed to our support staff.

                              I was thinking of just setting up a voicemail escalation that attaches the voicemail to our support email inbox as a .wav file. That works great, but the only downfall is the receptionist still receives all the voicemails as well. Is there a way to delete the voicemail after escalating it?

                              Another alternative I thought of was dedicating an extension to just handling these voicemails (i.e. have her call handling mode forward to ext 199 that then has the voicemail escalation to send an email to our support team). However, it seems if the extension that the calls are being forwarded to does not answer, it goes back to the receptionist voicemail rather than the forwarding extension's voicemail.

                              There must be an easy way to handle this that I am not thinking of. All I need to do is get the voicemails left during the receptionist's lunch hour to our support staff's group email inbox. Any help would be appreciated!