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  • Discrepancy Between Workgroup Detail and Agent Detail

    I'm looking for some advice on how workgroup detail report compiles data when compared to an agent detail report. We seem to be missing data on the workgroup detail reports for all users. It is coming up way short. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thank you.

    The issue with the Shoretel phone reports is that the workgroup detail report is not recording all phone calls. I have verified this by running an agent detail report and comparing the number of calls between the two reports. For example for person1 the workgroup detail report showed she took 1 call for the entire month. The agent detail report showed she took 36. I also compared person 2 numbers. On the workgroup detail report we are seeing 579. On the agent detail report it showed 913.

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    Do you mean the Workgroup Agent Detail report does not match the User Activity Detail report? Keep in mind that the Workgroup Agent Detail report does not show calls while logged out o the workgroup, nor does it show calls that did not come directly from a workgroup. (i.e. dial-by-name, DID, transfer, or some other way of getting to the person.)


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      Palitto Consulting,

      Thank you for your reply. That's the gist of what I'm trying to get at.

      Just to confirm- I am not logged in most of the day. All of the AR reps on the team watch the queue (logged out) and provide back up for person2 and person3 when calls get over 3 minutes or on very busy days (this is done through logging in) . We may take anywhere from 0-20 AR calls in a day depending if someone is out or phones are busy etc…but I definitely took more than one in a month!

      Person1 gets a majority of her calls via DID or transfer.

      Is there any way of looking at what the canned workgroup report is pulling for data? I'm thinking fields and date range. Is there a way to tell if it is reporting against another database?

      There don't appear to be a lot of options short of buying Crystal Reports and doing a trial and error search of the table structure.

      Thanks you.


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        So from what I understand, person1 receives transferred and DID calls. You don't care about seeing these, or if you do, you can use the Use rActivity Detail report.

        Person1 also picks calls out of a workgroup queue while not logged into the workgroup. You want to see these, but Workgroup Agent Detail doesn't show them because you aren't logged in.

        We have a replica of the Workgroup Agent Detail report as part of our reporting portal. We could easily customize this to remove the login check and show these calls. If you would like more details, can you PM me your contact information? We generally work with ShoreTel partners, so if you could include your partner name as well, that would be good.