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  • Phones not ringing

    We are running 9.1 and ShoreTel 230 Phones.

    Some users are having issues of their phone not ringing when someone calls. The line light flashes green & message indicator flashes red, the caller ID info is displayed, but no ring tone? This happens for internal and external calls and doesn’t happen all the time. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    and no the volume isn't truned off.


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      ..anyone? It sounds like the user didn't have the volume on for the ring, but they are persistent that they did and it only happens on some calls. Two users have experienced this, same site, on different switches.


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        Do they have any personalized call handling rules (available only in professional CM or better)?


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          one user does(has pro), the other one has personal. the pro user has no rules for the personalized call handeling.


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            We are having same problem...

            We are having the same problem with one user...

            We are running 9.1 and one user is complaining that some calls are not audibly ringing. She is only getting the Call Manager pop-up and seeing the light blinking on the phone. The call handling mode is Standard, there are no special rules associated with it and her ringer volume is up.

            Anyone have any ideas?


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              Hey gang - we had a similar issue...turned out to be the Handset being Off-Hook (will be displaying user's details over any logo)

              Happens all the time if someone pushes the phone too close to a wall/partition, the handset lifts ever so slightly.

              Thin, I know!!