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  • SMDI Problem

    Here's the story... We are migrating the users from our aging Avaya PBX to a new ShoreTel 7 system. Step one is to replace the Avaya voicemail with ShoreTel voicemail thereby putting all users on the new voicemail before beginning the telephone migration (about 1000 users). We plan to integrate the ShoreTel VM to the Avaya using SMDI to light and extinguish the message waiting lamps on the Avaya phones.

    Problem... I've followed the ShoreTel PIG for legacy integration, using ShoreTel as voicemail with a legacy PBX, and everything is hunky dory with one exception. The PIG tells me to create a new trunk group for SMDI and "Enter a voicemail extension in the Inbound Destination field to direct inbound calls to the ShoreTel Auto Attendant system". I am assuming that the voicemail extension that is being referred to is the voicemail extension that appears under System Parameter > System Extensions. Problem is, this extension does not appear in the drop down box on the SMDI trunk group screen.

    Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong???