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  • Need to have different people Silent Monitor a user group

    Here is the scenario!

    Agents can be monitored but cannot monitor others.
    Supervisors can be monitored and can monitor others.
    Managers can be monitored only be specific person and can monitor others.
    Executives need to be able to monitor managers, and not be monitored.

    Here is the big problem. Everything works fine, except that you cannot have the Managers group be monitored by more than one person at a time.

    Has anyone come up with a way around this? Seems to me that you should be able to use a bridged extension or maybe an extension list and permit anyone assigned to them to perform the silent monitor. Even being able to add more than one extension would be OK.

    Any thoughts!

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    I cannot be the only one who has run into this requirement. Has anyone thought of a workaround?


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      Because of foreign key restrictions in ShoreTel 8+, this cannot be done natively. The only allowed target is a single user, not a group.

      This can be done with a custom. There is no indication of a failed silent monitor request, so some other mechanism would have to be used to initiate silent monitor. Since ShoreTel does not allow you to choose a user group, there would also have to be a different configuration mechanism for configuring permissions.