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  • Workgroup email notifications x2?

    I have an "IT workgroup" ringing 5 ext. simultaniously. After 6 rings, it shoots to the WG VM. In the WG setup, if I check the "Enable Message Notification", a email notice without a .wav is sent to an Exchange email distribution group telling them they have a voicemail.

    If I set an escalation profile to send a message with attached wav, it sends two messages, one with the attached wav, one without.

    If I uncheck the "Enable Message Notification" but leave the escalation profile set to attach the wav, I get one notice with no wav.

    We want one notice with wav. What am I missing to make this happen?

    Also, is there a shortcut way for them to get the messages without having to type in all ext. and password keystrokes for VM outside of the email attachment?

    We are on 9.1 if it matters.

    Thanks a bundle for reading!

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    Forget it, I found it under "other mailbox options".