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  • Shoretel 560 - phantom parked call indicated?


    We programmed the soft keys to indicate a user's extension and it double flashes seemingly to indicate a call is parked there but none are that we can tell.

    Any advice is appreciated!

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    Sounds like a bug.

    If you have more than one SG switch, check to see if the extension you are monitoring is on a seperate switch than the IP560 phone. If so, move them both to the same switch and see if that resolves.

    Regardless, sounds like you need to report this to your partner (if you are on a current build of your release and it is a maintained release) so logs can be collected and submitted.


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      Thanks for the help.

      We only have one SG switch so not that.

      What clues might the log have? Should we try deleting that extension and re-adding maybe?


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        The logs are going to detail the behaviors of the phones and help Shoretel isolate where the bug resides (they may also need to hop on the SG switch and check out the debugs from there).

        Regardless, you'll be told to upgrade to the current release. This may have already been fixed without knowing what release / build you are on.


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          We swapped out the IP210 with an IP560 and the problem disappeared. Weird.