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  • Unable to forward voice mails

    Ever since our system upgrade to 9.2, users have been unable to forward voice mails from Outlook (i.e. with voice mail integration installed) unless they choose a forwarding Email from the Global Address List, not a voice mail extension (when a user forwards a message using a voice mail extension, the attached sound file is lost).

    A couple of suggestions I've received were:
    1) To try moving the voice mail message to a different folder in Outlook, and trying to forward, and
    2) To record a message prior to forwarding the voice mail

    I've tried both of these, but without any success. If anyone has possible suggestions on things I could try here, please let me know - thanks in advance to anyone who can assist!

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    We've experienced the same issue since upgrading to 9.2. According to an email that I recieved from ShoreTel TAC they are aware of the problem.

    1. I've found that if you record preferencing remarks before forwarding the message through Outlook the message forwards okay.

    2. I've found that if you forward the message through Call Manager the message forwards okay.


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      We are having the same issue as above, forwarded emails via outlook plug in are showing up as 0:00 in length and do not play. When you double click the 0:00 voicemail in the Call Manager it just replays the most recent previously replayed message. Forwarding messages via call manager work correctly. Accessing message directly from ip230 phone it imeadiatly skips any message and plays press 1 to delete etc....


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        What build is this? The latest? 14.41.1108.0 ?


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          I heard the same thing that TAC is aware and that a new release should be coming in a week or so that will take care of the issue. No guarantees though on the release of the fix.


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            Originally posted by sean View Post
            What build is this? The latest? 14.41.1108.0 ?
            That's correct...


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              Ok cool; i hope they come out with this release soon.

              Are you having any trouble with voicemails automatically forwarding? Like between workgroups or when you setup a rule in user settings?



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                Anyone get this resolved yet? We also have had this problem since our upgrade to v9.2 and we still cannot resolve this very annoying problem.
                We are running build 14.41.4603.0



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                  Looks limke the update didn't address this problem. That's sad.


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                    Has anyone heard when the fix will be out for this problem?


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                      It has been resolved with the latest release.

                      We are running build 14.42.2905.0


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                        Do you know if the fix was included in 10.1 and/or 10.2?


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                          I know this is a bit of an old topic, but I am experiencing the same issue... somewhat.

                          User A receives a VM and forwards it to user B using either the Outlook Plugin or directly via the phone.

                          User B gets the VM notification. Using the Outlook plugin, User B hears the prefacing remarks, but does not hear the forwarded message. BUT, the voicemail ticker continues to play. Pressing FORWARD on the Outlook plugin and then BACKWARD, the forwarded voicemail starts to play, and the user can then back the message up to the beginning of the forwarded message and listen to the entire message.

                          If User B uses the phone to listen to the message everything plays correctly. Prefacing remarks and forwarded message alike.

                          Definitely seems to be a PCM/Outlook integration issue.

                          ShoreTel 10.2
                          Build 15.41.6901.0


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                            We are experiencing a similar issue with Outlook integration. It may be by design, but we are not able to forward voicemails without adding a preface.

                            ShoreTel 10.2
                            Build 15.41.3005.0


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                              The problem still exists in 10.2 - 15.41.9301.0