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  • Upgrade Path 7.5 -> 9.2

    We are in the process of planning our upgrade and I wanted to know if anyone had a good checklist of things to look out for when upgrading our system from 7.5 to 9.2.

    I have read over the compatibility and we would like to deploy on Windows 2008 (32bit, not R2 due to 64bit). I also read on these forums to look to see if our Shoretel switches are V1 because that would cause a problem. Our phones are 230's if anyone has any pointers on what to look out for with these devices.

    In addition, I was wondering if it is possible to deploy a new Shoretel system in parallel of the existing server or will licensing regulations forcefully offline a system while we are in a migration(upgrade) process.

    Thank you!

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    Not sure about the V1 switches. The IP 230's should be okay.

    Your system license was generated based on your MAC address of your NIC card in your existing server. If you're migrating to a new server (with a different NIC card), you will have to request for a new system license from ShoreTel. You will have a 45 day grace period to get your new license from ShoreTel and enter it into the system, otherwise you'll be locked out.

    One piece of advice I'd suggest when migrating to a new server.....if possible, try to keep the same IP address. If not, you'll have to reconfigure your ftp server in DHCP and also reconfigure your SG switches to reflect the new ip address of your new server.

    Here's the order I'd suggest.....

    Original server -
    * Back up CDR database using MySQL dump
    * Back up C:\Shoreline Data directory
    * Run 9.2 upgrade (server, switches, phones)
    * Verify functionality
    * Back up both CDR and Config databases using MySQL dump. Copy dump file to external media.
    * Back up C:\Shoreline Data directory to external media.
    * Unplug server from network

    New Server -
    * Ensure Windows 2008 components and installed
    * Give server same ip address as old server
    * Copy backed up Shoreline Data directory to root of C:\ drive
    * Copy MySQL dump files to root of C:\ drive
    * Install 9.2 (make sure Shoreline Data directory points to root of C:\ drive)
    * Restore MySQL dump files
    * Reboot switches, then phones.


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      The list covers some great items to check for. In the conversion to 7.X to 8.X or newer, the codec structure will change. Go read the posts on codecs/sound quality and implement the revised codec list as recommended to avoid "voice quality" issues.

      Also, V1 switches are NOT supported and must be removed before upgrading. V1 switches (from my perspective) are the original blue switches that still say Shoreline . You need the full-width orange (Fuji) or half-width orange (Kilauea) switches.


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        Thank you so much for this wonderful information and providing an upgrade path,
        It seems like I now have a great work flow to follow the process. I will check for all of the requirements and research the Codec posts on the forums.

        I hope others will reference this post as well, solid information, thanks again.

        Will let the team know how it goes upgrade will be planned sometime within the next coming week.