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  • Pickup held call on another phone

    Hello folks. Here's what I'm trying to accomplish and hoping someone can shed some light on how to do so:

    We are opening a small office adjoining our current HQ building. This space will have four telephones assigned to a hunt group such that if an outside caller dials the DID number all phones ring simultaneously. What I'd like to accomplish is that the employees can place a call on hold on one phone and easily pick up that call on another phone. This needs to be done outside of the client software.

    Ideally, when a call is placed on hold on one phone, the line light will flash on all other phones in the group. All the employee would have to do to pickup the held call is press the line button on any other phone.

    Anyone know if this is possible and how I might accomplish it?

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    We've used an extension as a park extension (does require an extension license), then program an extension monitor button on all the phones you want to be able to pick it up on.

    The user answering the call will park it on that button, then button will flash when the call is parked there. Users can then press the flashing extension monitor button, then unpark to pick it up.

    I'd like to hear from other members here to see if there's a way to do this without using up an extension license though.


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      Wow, that was a quick response. I appreciate the advice and would also be interested in what others have to say as well.


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        Have you looked at bridged call appearances? They work very similar to what you described.

        1. Transfer a call to a BCA and it will ring all the phones.
        2. Place it on hold and the button will be lit on all phones.
        3. Take it off hold from any phone.


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          Sounds interesting Palitto. I've do some reading up on that and test it out. Thanks for the tip.


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            Bridged call appearances will do the trick. Just what I was looking for. Thanks again Palitto and CelticTech for the tips.


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              No problem, I always forget about the BCA's. Good to know when this comes up again.