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  • Cannot dial certain numbers

    Hi All,

    I am new to the forum space and would greatly appreciate any help with my issue.

    Issue: Certain OUTBOUND numbers are unreachable.

    Error Message Recording:
    "We're sorry. Your call did not go through. If you need further assistance, please stay on the line and an operator will assist you..." [No Operator is Dialed]

    > Issue is replicated on all internal VOIP phones
    > Our T1 service provider (PaeTec) can reach the numbers from their network
    > Numbers in question can be dialed successfully from all cell and land-line networks
    > All numbers in question are within 100 miles of our HQ

    It seems that the problem stems from EITHER a configuration issue in the ShoreWare Manager or ShoreGear switching environment, OR a build-issue which will require a patch or upgrade.

    1) Is the Error Message Recording quoted above a ShoreTel Recorded Message?
    2) Has anyone else experienced this issue in the past?
    If so, what is the best way to begin troubleshooting/resolving the problem?
    3) Could this have to do with a "Restricted Number" list of some sort?
    If so, where is this list located within the ShoreWare Director?
    **NOTE: Upgrading is not yet a desired option due to financial requirements.

    System Information:
    [Platform] Windows 2003 Server
    ShoreWare Director (ShoreTel 6, Build 11.12.7308.0)
    ShoreGear T1 (Demark)
    ShoreGear 60/12 LAN Switch

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    This is a dialing rule issue. In a lot of areas, certain prefixes may actually be considered long distance (even though they are in the same area code). You might have to dial a 10 digit (or 11 digit - adding a 1) for certain prefixes. You can adjust these settings under your trunk group for the T1/PRI.