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  • 9.1 to 9.2 upgrade

    Seeing if there are any gotchas out there for a 9.1 to 9.2 upgrade, or anything to be aware of in general?

    We are on build 14.22.2904. Been running into issues with having to restart the CSIS service a couple times per week and it looks like there are no more builds, but to go to 9.2.

    Does 9.1 to 9.2 need a call manager upgrade as well, or can you run 9.1 PCM with 9.2 backend?

    Thanks for your time!
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    Just my opinion, but I feel that 9.2 carries some TAPI issues with it. We have two customers with TAPI issue after upgrading. So we put a hold on all upgrades and these two.


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      TAPI issue?

      We are seeing call manager issues with the new build. We got the issue escalated to shoretel advanced support and they said we're the only ones having problems. I'm not convinced. We are seeing a lot of latency and issues with phantom calls and such in the call manager.


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        hmmmmm seems I should hold off a little longer on the 9.2 upgrade then. Hopefully there is a new build relatively soon that is more stable.

        thanks guys


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          My active directory users lost the ability to log into the web client after the upgrade. This ended up being a known issue and I am awaiting a fix.


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            We went from 9.1 to 9.2. You do have to upgrade Call Manager. We were having problems with 9.1 related to headset and hands free use. 9.2 fixed our issues. Haven't seen any issues with 9.2, but then again we are a small system (30 users).


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              9.2 upgrade

              9.2 suffers from a problem with LLDP configuration. If it is enabled on your switches, but not configured, your entire VOIP network will "brick" itself out. You will end up with every phone in an endless reboot cycle.

              easily prevented, but it really can bite you in the ass.


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                The LLDP issue is in 9.1 also. AndrewCink you are definitely not the only one, I have two customers with TAPI issues. One with TAPI lose on servers and one with TAPI lose on the client side, both random of course. I wouldn't upgrade to 9.2 just my two cents, give it time so they can work out the bugs.


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                  The issues have been seeing: 1) Extreme latency between phone and call manager (4-5 seconds between taking an action on the phone and seeing it in the call mgr, or taking action in call mgr and having it take place on the phone) 2) Calls showing up simultaneously in two call managers (second PC sees the call in call mgr, but can't interact with it), 3) Call manager out of sync (shows calls up that aren't still up, have to restart call manager to fix), 4) Calls staying up on phone that should have been torn down (phone keep making sound to indicate a call is on hold, but no call is there).

                  It all appears to tie to "enhancements" they made to the call manager. Apparently they changed the frame sizes to the RFC maximum for some reason. It was supposed to enhance performance, but so far it seems to just be causing problems. We believe there is a problem but they are swearing we're the only ones to be reporting this.


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                    HOly cow.... reading all this stuff and reading the "Known" issues on the build notes really gives me nightmares about upgrading my phone system.

                    First thing i read about 9.1 on the build notes was: No incoming our out going faxes... I mean really?

                    9.2 has issues with LLDP (if you have it configured), the 120/24 switches have audio clipping issues

                    Do you as admins when upgrading shoretel versions feel like you have to cross your fingers when upgrading?

                    Personally I think the 7 versions have been the most stable versions ever released from shoretel.


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                      Agreed that version 7.5 seemed to be the most stable that I have seen. We have performed three upgrades within the last 3 months trying to fix problems that the upgrades caused that were NOT there in 7.5!


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                        AndrewCink: We were seeing the same symptoms you described. It seemed to affect our workgroup users more than others. We found a mismatch between the .dot framework version on the users PC's (3.0) and what was on our HQ and DVM servers. 2.0 sp1) Upgraded the servers to match what the users had and the problems dropped dramatically. We are running 9.1 14.21.4905.
                        I agree that 7.5 has been the most stable build we have run to date. Upgraded to 9.1 to stay within 2 releases of current with 10 going GA soon and wish I hadn't. I don't believe going to 9.2 will resolve anything and may increase some of the anomolies we are seeing.


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                          We're having the same TAPI issues as well. Calls to one extension are showing up in another users CM. Does anyone know if rebooting the servers/switches help the problem?


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                            We are having the same problems with the calls showing up in another user's call manager. We've seen exiting and restarting call manager and/or rebooting the PC to help. The good news is we finally got our case on this issue escalated to the dev team. We're supposed to get an update from them tomorrow...


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                              We have had reports of quality issues and a slowdown in performance with CMS and the phones (responding to button commands) from every client we have upgraded so far.

                              Also, every client has made negative comments about the new CMS. Missing features that were present in 7.5 and earlier, sluggish performance, etc.
                              I understand the inability to get all the features in the new CMS and there are some obstacles to overcome with the .NET Framework, but it is hard to explain to clients the missing functionality.

                              I've stopped upgrading clients past the latest build of 7.5 unless they specifically request a new feature and then I give them fair warning of the new system requirements, etc.

                              I'm hoping things improve in 10 or 11.