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  • HG/WG Names

    I have a client that is moving to a ShoreTel soon. They have 3 seperate businesses and want to answer each individually all by the same operator. Is there any wasy to DNIS to a Hunt or WG and have the system present the name of the group rather than the CID? Back when we had Analog Trunks and had CID issues at our office it used to present ours (Name of HG) when we wouldn't get CID from the CO. Any good way for this?

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    DNIS to a route point. Name the route point for the LOB you want it to reflect and then forward always the route point to the Hunt or Workgroup. I believe that will accomplish what you are looking for.


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      Actually if you are using a phone with a multiline display (230,560,etc) the huntgroup name is displayed on an inbound call.


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        The HG / WG name will also display on the call popup from Call Manager