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  • Terminal Server

    Hello all,
    We are pretty new to Shoretel but have yet to do any installs of Professional Call Manager on clients using Terminal Server. The first site will only have about 25 users on Terminal Server so it's fairly small. That said, are there any comments, positive or negative, that will give us some insight into how this will go? Thanks!

    PS We did the Installer guide so we have a fairly good understanding od the install process. Just looking for helpful ideas from more experienced techs out there....

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    Not and expert on this, but after i installed it on my terminal servers, i found out that i had to change a setting in order to fix a disconnection problem with the shoreware director server. I also havent figured out how to set the shoreware server name for the users. I can say that if you enable the active directory integration, its easier to get users logged in as when they first use PCM

    Here is what they sent me regarding the server issue:

    Subject: KB10025
    ShoreTel and Citrix / Terminal Server
    The purpose of this document is to better explain the interaction between ShoreTel, Inc. and a Virtual Desktop Session. It is also to better educate the perspective reader on the cohabitation and collaboration between the two entities.
    The most important item to remember is that when working with a Thin Client Server you are actually working with many virtualized workstations and therefore it is critical that you are logged in as an administrator to the server and not to the client. It is also important that you are at the Thin Client server via Remote Desktop or locally.
    In order to better understand Citrix you must first understand that Citrix and in this case Presentation 3.x and above is a piece of software that actually runs on a server and in many cases a Microsoft Terminal Server. Citrix is favored in some installations because of administration and security enhancements.
    Special Note:
    In this document we will refer to the server as the Citrix/Terminal server where there is a variance, we will stop and pay specific attention to that difference between Citrix and Microsoft's Terminal Server and then explain the difference. We are also concentrating on Citrix Presentation 3.x and above.

    Personal Call Manager Installation:
    A normal installation can be done if this is the first installation on this server. (If this is an upgrade or other installations have been attempted, please refer to the upgrade section of this document.) Some of the following information is pulled from Appendix E: of the Planning and Installation Guide, please use it as reference.
    Step 1 - Login to Thin Client Server as administrator as noted above in important item to remember.
    Side Note - If you are prompted to reboot then this is not a primary installation and you should go to the Upgrade section of this document.

    Step 2 - Install ShoreWare client as described in the Planning and Installation Guide.
    Step 3 - Go to the Windows Control Panel
    open the Phone and Modem Options>Advanced tab
    Step 4 - Remove all ShoreTel providers.
    Tapi Service Installation:
    When we do an installation on a Citrix/Terminal Server we need to use the tsp application on the ShoreTel server due to the configuration for the phone ports that are available. You cannot use the Workstation Clients TSP application because it is specific to one client only.
    Copy the following file "TspInstall.exe" from the ShoreTel Server; you should be able to find it in,
    (Program Files > Shoreline Communications > ShoreWare Server)
    We recommend copying the file to the following location:
    Side note - When you are ready to do the TSP install on the Citrix server, you must make sure that the Citrix Server is in DOS user install mode. This is different because the DOS mode and installation mode are separate entities in the Citrix environment
    Before running TSP install at the command prompt make sure to do the following…
    C:> change user /install

    Navigate to the directory where the "TspInstall.exe" file was copied and run the TSPinstall utility Make sure you substitute the correct hostname or IP address of the Headquarters instance of ShoreWare Server. The syntax of the command is:
    TSPinstall -i StServer
    Testing your Installation:
    -Make sure that you do not login to Personal Call Manager on the Server.
    -To test a client installation, you must have a test account.
    -Login with test account and attempt a directory search.
    When upgrading the client Call Manager software it is critical that a un-installation of the previous version be done and that the previous Call manager Client is unavailable to the virtual users that are assigned to each Thin Client Server.
    When we install we install to the registry and to the current user registry however when a Terminal Server installation is done it is not done at each Virtual Client until that client initially logs into the Server so therefore an uninstall is about the same scenario. Where as an uninstall also can not happen until the users are logged in so therefore you can not do a push of the new client because to the system the old client still exists.
    Uninstall of previous versions:
    An uninstall and a removal of the registry keys is a must for upgrades
    Cleaning up your install:
    -Remove TSPInstall
    -Make sure that you do not login to Personal Call Manager on the Server.
    Testing the Upgrade:
    -Make sure that you do not login to Personal Call Manager on the Server.
    -Make sure that you do not login to Personal Call Manager on the Server.


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      You can populate the server name with a log on script. The registry key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Shoreline Teleworks\ShoreWare Client\server the server entry is a REG_SZ and it can be IP or server name.
      If it is added to the registry before the call manager setup is run it will be in there when they go through the setup. AD intigration along with this is very nice the end user only has to keep clicking next until setup is finished
      Just have your log in script call REGEDIT.EXE /S "path to registry file"


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        thanks, we will impliment that!


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          I have installed Call Manager 9.2 on one of my Citrix servers running PS 4.5. The phone is in disconnect with a red X. Does anyone have a fix for this? Thanks.


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            Yes follow my long post above. That will need to be done on each server. You may have to reboot the server after and make sure all the clients are killed before starting.


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              I copied the TspInstall.exe file from the Shoretel server and ran it on the Citrix server, but it's ran really fast so I don't know if it actually install it. The phone in Call Manager is still disconnected. Any suggestion?


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                The full step by step instructions for Citrix & Terminal Servers are in the install & planning guide.

                In the 9.2 Version it is on page 295.

                Here's the link if you don't have it: