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  • Remote Access

    A point of interest for every one...

    What do you use for remote access to customer sites? We currently use mostly VPN's, but that is turning into an administrative nightmare for our techs (keeping a current catalog of all of the VPN's they need) and is starting to cause PC issues due to different vendors VPN products conflicting with and even crashing when installed together. Also, many of our clients are small business's that either do not have the hardware or are not willing to pay for the IT support to set up and maintain a VPN end point. We started looking at the LogMeIn product and got a lot of push back from IT people (they do not know it so it scares them). How do you handle the issue?


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    We have log me in on 85% of our user base. Some of the big guys object and we use log me in rescue for them. We tell the companies that we load it on the server to give them remote support at no charge


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      So you normally use the free client?


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        We either use the free LogMeIn, or for customers that subscribe to the Zenith services, LogMeIn Pro thru the Zenith portal.


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          Bomgar or Kaseya


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            We use log me in as well. Mixing vpn clients has proven to be a major headache in the past. In particular Cisco and Netgear vpn clients haven't played well together, locked up several of our techs pc's.