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  • Direct Dial Numbers - Need to force Account Code

    I have some "direct dial" numbers the phone company is billing me for per call at a base rate of 10 cents and then 6 cents a minute.

    The issue is that the calls are considered local when you dial them, so they are in the local prefixes and the dialing working fine.

    How can i force these particular prefixes to require an account code?

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    Depending on the number of prefixes...

    1. add them into the user group. Set the user group to not be able to dial them, and it will go to the account code group if enabled. The limiting factors are you have to have the prefix list in every user group, and the field is limited by something like 255 characters.

    2. Custom dial plan to mark those numbers as long distance in the site plan.

    3. Wait for like ShoreTel 10 or 12 or something where they are planning on having a prefix list in the site plan.


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      So basically, i can go to the user group call permissions, add +1areacodeprefix and it will prompt for an account code when that number is dialed.

      There might be a wrench here though, the users at that site use 7 digit dialiing unlike the users at our main site which use 10 digit dialing ( 2 different counties ). Will the +1areacodeprefix setup still work for the 7 digit dialing users or do i need to modify my restriction setting?


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        the +1 should be fine.


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          ok thanks.. i will give it a try!