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  • Anyway to have SIP trunking work without ingate device

    I want to put a couple of SIP trunks into the ShoreTel system for emergency backup. Currently when our PRI is down the Telco auto forwards our BTN to a backup analog line. I was hoping to move this call forwarding to some SIP trunks. However, it looks like i need an ingate box to do this? It will be much more cost effective to just get a couple more analog lines for backup if i have to purchase an ingate.

    Also if i have my SIP trunks on my backup cable(coax) internet connection i avoid having everything on the same copper local loop(since the analog lines probably ride on the same 50 pair as the PRI).

    Also, if ingate is simply providing a SIP ALG why can't i use, say a netscreen's SIP ALG? I think I am missing why the ingate is so important? Is it just because ShoreTel's SIP implementation is sub par? Are their plans to remove this requirement.

    Any clarification on how to effectively use SIP trunking with ShoreTel is appreciated. Any opinions from engineers who have actual customers using an ingate solution with an ITSP like are also appreciated.

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    SIP trunks with ALGW

    SIP trunk functionality is very limited when you use a ALGW, it will usually allow you to make and receive a call from/to a terminal directly over a NATed connection, but will probably fail when there are any call features (transfer, etc - which include voicemail, wg, aa , etc) as the ALGW don't usually handle these very well, and also ShoreTel use internal numbering as URI, whereas the SIP Operator will expect full E.164 numbering. Also you may find that some SIP provides require the SIP proxy to have a resolvable URI, but currently only IP addresses are allowed.

    We use for outgoing international calls, but it is limited to 1 channel (due to operator restrictions), and no transfers o conferences!

    The Session Boarder Controller of the INGATE is a B2BUA, back to back user agent, one UserAgent terminates the sip signalling from the SG switch and then another terminates sip signalling to the sip operator.


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      Basically i need an ingate

      Thanks gavins. This is helpful. Sounds like it is not worth doing SIP trunking without an ingate? Do other VoIP vendors require this type of device?

      Also, do you know if i can put the ingate behind a Nated connection and have the ingate operate in a one armed mode. I would just do a 1 to 1 nat from my firewall to the ingate without the firewall's ALG turned on.


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        Look into etherspeak you don't need an ingate device. They will work with most firewalls, works great.


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          I would recommend Etherspeak as well (SureTrunk by EtherSpeak). Works great and doesn't require all the headaches or extra expense of Ingate.


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            Etherspeak works great for a backup trunk scenario like you are looking for. Their pricing is really reasonable as well. As mentioned previously, they have native integration with Shoretel so you do not need a sip gateway for interoperability.


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              Are there any updated Docs for connecting Broadvox Sip trunks to Ingate, and does Broadvox have a native integration with the Shoretel?


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                EtherSpeak is the only native provider for ShoreTel version 7, 8, 9, 10. Does not require an Ingate. Trying it is free (for a week) and make as many calls as you like. Two-trunk SureTrunk DR is a great backup option - $40 a month get's you, Local direct dial number, two call paths, Inbound Free, Local Free and 100 minutes of LD to USA / CAN.

                Won't you sign-up and give it a whirl? You might like it!

                Free Trial: SureTrunk by EtherSpeak

                Tell 'em Neil sent you.