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  • sending calls out on different circuits?

    Is there a way to specifiy long distance calls on certain phones to go out on a specific T1 circuit?

    For example - we have two T1 circuits, I'd like about 20 phones to route long distance calls over circuit A, the other 130 phones I'd like to route long distance calls over circuit B. Is there a way to set this up? If so, where do I start?

    The 20 phones/users in question have their own Class of Service and User Group.

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    Since the 20 users are in there own COS group, just don't give them access to Circuit B. (It's all or nothing though, they wouldn't be able to access it at all, not even for local).

    That's teh best I can come up with. I could be wrong though.



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      Yeah, that's what I thought. One circuit is LD only and the other is local and LD. The LD only circuit is really under utilized being that all it does is recieves the incoming toll free numbers.

      Thanks for your help


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        How about this scenario:

        Make the LD only circuit the preferred route for LD calls. Give the 20 phones access to both trunk groups, if they make an LD call it goes out the preferred route (LD only group). If the LD only circuits are all in use then the LD call will go out the dual purpose trunk group. If they make a local call it goes out the dual purpose group (because LD only can't make a local call.)

        Give the 130 phones access to the LD & local trunk group only. All their calls will go out these dual purpose trunks.


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          oh, that is an interesting idea. i'm going to try that.

          thank you


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            hmmm. how would you go about making the LD only circuit the perferred route for LD calls?


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              nevermind. i got it to work. let me know if anyone would like details on what was done.


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                What did you do to get this to work?


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                  Being that the 2 groups had their own class of service and were in their own respective user groups, I gave the 20 phone group access to just the local circuit and the other phones access to both circuits. LD calls for the 20 phones only go out over the local circuit, all of the other phones long distance calls go over the long distance circuit. Hopefully the images clarify this a little.


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                    Hi Jeremy,

                    If your setup is working as desired it is a bit random luck. By default ShoreTel sees no difference between the two trunk groups for local calls if they are both enabled for local calls. They are the same trunk type at the same site therefore they are equal. I personally believe that they are chosen alphabetically when all else is equal, but ShoreTel says it is random.

                    To ensure that it will work everytime you need to log on to SWD using the support entry and modify the "cost" of one trunk group to make it prefered over the other.



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                      Only one circuit is setup for local and long distance calling, the other circuit will only take long distance calls. Giving a certain group of people access to only the local/ld circuit forces their ld calls over that circuit. Everyone else has access to the ld only circuit and all of their ld calls go out over that circuit.

                      It could be random luck, but for the last several days I've been watching calls go out with the Trunk Test Tool and it is working.


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                        I've seen it work consistently and I've also seen it not work consistently. ShoreTel says that all else being equal between two trunk groups that can be used to make a call for a user, the trunk will be chosen randomly. Now I don't think it is as random as they say because it always chooses the same one in my experience, but you can't tell it which one to choose in the normal SWD interface. So if it is using the one you want then that's great, but if not then it needs some tweaking.

                        The preference for trunk type is SIP, T1/E1, Analogue. If you also had a SIP trunk group that could make LD calls it would always be chosen first. Similarly if you have an analogue trunk that you want to be used first it won't happen without some mods.

                        Kind regards,