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  • Call Handling Mode tab disappearing in Outlook 2007

    When we create new meetings/appointments in Outlook, we have the Call Handling Mode tab, which allows us to change our CHM for those appointments. However, over time, the CHM tab disappears from some recurring meetings, and they have to be re-created to get the CHM tab back. Is this a known issue? Anyone else have this problem, or know a solution?

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    I am not sure if this applies to your situation, but if you have any Outlook users that has or is creating meeting invitations and they do not have Call Manager w/ Outlook integration installed then none of their meeting will ever have the CHM tab when received by other Outlook users (that have PCM installed). We ran into this with long standing recurring meetings created by non-PCM Outlook users. You would have to re-create to get the tab back.


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      Unfortunately this is not the case for us. We all have PCM installed and integrated with Outlook 2007 on our PC's. We can create a recurring meeting and set the CHM, but 2 weeks from now, we'll go back into that appointment and the CHM tab may be gone.