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  • Cannot find the settings for AA

    The office has main number xxx-xxx-8300 and when I call, it goes to auto attendant. However, I cannot find the settings that leads to AA.(x700).
    Nothing in DNIS map, DID map and HUNT group.
    Where else I should look for?

    Thank you.

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    1st) Is this a PRI?
    2nd) Go to trunk groups>this particular trunk group>default destination.

    That would be pointing to your AA, and it says that anything that comes in on this trunk group, if it isnt assigned by DID or DNIS, it routes to that destination.


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      Issue solved.

      The problem was not DNIS map or DID map.
      The number I am trying to direct to AA was actually forwarded to another number. That's why DNIS map didn't work. DNIS with forwarded number worked just fine.
      Thank you so much.