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  • View workgroup voicemail status from PCM

    I have been playing around with PCM trying to get a voicemail light of some kind to show when a workgroup mailbox has voicemail.

    I have a few supervisors who want to know when and if voicemail is being checked by staff. Some staff seem to think the little red light on their phone doesnt mean anything.

    So i started looking at toolbars, while i can monitor extension like the phones are setup, there is nothing on the toolbar that states the extension has voicemail. If you set a button to monitor extension, the light goes on when there is voicemail. If you put your mouse over it, it shows some information about the extension, but no voicemail status. That would be a great place for it... or if the icon was blinking or a different color, that would work too.

    I also tried "dial mailbox" while that puts a little tape looking icon on the toolbar, it doesnt show if the voicemail status.

    Just wondering if there is a way to do this in PCM?