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  • Find me and trunks

    I need to figure out how to limit the trunk groups available to the "findme" feature.

    I have a toll-free number that goes to a "on-call" phone for after hours problems. This toll free number goes to an extension set up with findme, which is pointed at the cell phone of the person on call. I need to pass the caller's caller ID to the on-call person in case they miss the call.

    I have PRIs in one area code, which pass the caller ID properly.
    In my other three area codes, the calls forward through trunk groups with analog lines only (which don't pass the caller ID).

    Is there any way to limit findme to one specific trunk group?

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    I think Findme belongs to the Voicemail Notification user group. Make certain the Voicemail Notification user group is only allowed access to the trunk groups that you want it to use.
    Here in the UK we cannot forward the caller id of the original caller via find me. Offcom regulations prohibit it and the carrier will not allow you to forward a CLI other than one that belongs to the DID range from which your outgoing call originated from.
    one up for the land of the free!


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      That worked.

      Thank you, Dave.