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  • Admission Control Bandwidth

    Can someone fill me in on what exactly this does? We have a multi-site configuration - with MPLS to 4 locations. HQ has 100 Mbps, site 2 has 3.0Mbps and the other 2 sites are 1.5Mbps. Am I correct in assuming these are the values that should be entered in each respective site's admission control bandwidth? Are there any adverse effects to setting them too high. Our installer set them at like 5Gbps at all sites :/. Thanks in advance.

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    This defines the bandwidth that voice media streams can consume between this site and all other sites. The caller hears a “network busy” prompt if this value is exceeded.

    To determine the admission control bandwidth:
    Bandwidth = (# of calls) x (bandwidth/call)

    To determine the number of calls supported with a specific admission control
    bandwidth value:
    # of calls = (admission control bandwidth) / (bandwidth/call)


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      And to clarify, yes there are severe issues that can result from it being set too high. If the Admission control bandwidth is set to equal or exceed the size of your link between sites then the entire thing could be consumed by voice traffic essentially making the link unusable for standard data. The thing to keep in mind her goes back to what jmitchell said, do you run enough calls between sites to have any trouble filling that link or is your traffic small enough that it will never matter? You need to figure that out and adjust accordingly.