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  • Switch FTP Boot

    Hi All,

    I had a switch lose power during a firmware upgrade. It is now appearing in the director with a status of "FTP Boot." The switch and all phones managed by it are working fine. I had a tech go to site and watch the console as switch boots and it reports that the flash image is corrupt. The e-mail sent by the director every time the switch boots indicates that the firmware upgrade failed and now the switch is getting its boot image from the FTP server.

    Is there a way to get that flash image restored to the switch's flash using the one it is getting from the FTP server, or is this switch doomed to boot via FTP every time it reboots forever?

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    Caution: do this with extreme caution and care. This is the last resort if everything else failed to make the SG switch flash boot.

    use "burnflash" command to push the fw to the switch and force the switch to flash boot.
    -on your shoreware server, cd to c:\program files\shoreline..\shareware server\
    -run this: "burnflash -s <SG switch ip>"

    disclaimer: former Shoretel employee (still love Shoretel though). Not an official Shoretel representative.