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  • Microsoft Patch's

    Has anyone come across any issues with Micosoft patch's?

    Specifically Windows Server2003 and Shortel v8.0.

    Does everyone have a test environment to roll out MS patch's on Shoreware, or are you on a skimpy budget like me and have to test patch's on production servers?

    Since patch's were installed last weekend, we've had some user's unable to check their voicemail through the call manager (& outlook). Just plays silence...

    It doesn't do it to everyone, it's not location specific, and I can't find any other common denominators between the user's that work, and the user's that don't.

    I'm just pulling at straws and blaming microsoft.

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    We had an issue about a year ago, when installing Windows updates on a production Shoretel server. The system was set-up by a reseller, who connected the server to our domain which automatically received updates using WSUS. One update caused havoc late one evening, when after a restart, the VM server and auto-attendents simply did not respond (complete) silence. ShoreTel support got involved with a conference call to the vendor and they specifically said that the ShoreTel server should not be part of a domain, should not receive any windows updates and that they couldn't keep up with the pace of updates that Microsoft puts out. The fix was simple, uninstall the patch.

    Now, this server is the only one set never to receive updates from WSUS. I have to manually approve updates for it and only after checking the Support website for the documents that specify exactly which MS updates have been supported for the version of the ShoreTel software we are on. We check the support site first before installing any new ShoreTel updates or MS Updates.