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  • Celeron processor in ShoreWare Server?

    I have a user who's running ShoreTel 7.0 on a server with a 3 GHz Celeron processor with 2GB of RAM. They're wanting to upgrade to ShoreTel 9.2. They only have one site with 80 phones and call traffic is approximately 300 or less calls per day. The RAM seems fine, but the processor concerns me. Would the Celeron be sufficient enough given that they're a one site shop with low call volume?
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    Users calls/hr Processor RAM Network
    100 1,000 E2160 / Single DualCore 1.8 GHz 1 GB 100 Base-T
    500 5,000 Xeon 3050 / Single DualCore 2.13 GHz 2 GB 100 Base-T

    According to the Install guide from 9.2; you should be fine. Those two are the bottom two minimum requirements for the server hard ware.


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      What about AMD processors? Are they supported/recommended? ShoreTel's documentation doesn't mention anything about AMD's, but their support site has recommendations on what to do if someone does encounter problems with AMD processor's. This user is trying to avoid buying a new server, so they're trying to make use of what they already have.


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        Sorry took so long to reply. Please see attached.
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