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  • CR 7.5 Causing Problems w/ Outlook Integration

    We just installed CR 7.5 and now it seems like the Call Handling when scheduling an Outlook appt. is not working. Anyone else running 7.5 notice this? Not sure if it's a bug or problem on our network. Thanks!

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    Are you using Outlook 2007? If so, did you install MS CDO's?



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      Yep, I've got 2003 and 2007 (w/ MS CDO installed) running. We don't use it all the time but it was working before and, as far as we can tell, it stopped working after the upgrade.


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        Consider Manually installing this Patch

        Microsoft published a patch for the Collaboration Data Objects that needs be mannually installed for 2007. Even though administrators may think it is installed, it is not.


        This is will infact allow the DTO to work properly and plugs in smoothly with the new look and feel.


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          We have been running 7.5 for 3 months now and all we had to do was download and install the CDO from Microsoft's site and have not had a single issue.


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            We have the same issue. Outlook 2007 with CDO installed (the one from the link above). All worked fine with Call Manager 7.0. Stopped working completely with 7.5 upgrade. No other changes.

            In ShoreTel System config on the Outlook tab, if we click on more options and then import configurator we get a "LoadTopLevelFolders" error.

            The most common error in the import log is:

            Failure opening message store ***Name unavailable***: MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND(0x8004010F)

            But, I've seen a bunch of others as well.

            Some users can still import their personal address books if cached mode is turned on in Outlook.
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