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    Is there a way to set up an extension to forward a message to a group of blackberries?
    I work for a hospital and our Emergency Management team would like a way to have a pre-recorded message, in case of an emergency, be sent out to a group of blackberries.


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    Well you could forward the message to something (user, workgroup, route point etc) that has a voicemail box with an escalation profile that sends an email notification to an email distribution list containing all the BB users. If you attach the .wav then the BB users may even be able to listen to the message... I seem to recall having codec issues doing this once, but that was a while ago and may not be an issue now.


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      I ended up setting up a user with mail box only and an escalation profile to send email notification to the BB users (wav attachement). Tested it and it worked just as we needed it to.