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  • Call Manager's History/Call Notes

    I am new on here so I hope that I have come to the right place. I am working on setting up some custom reports using the shorewarecdr mysql database. We are a law firm and are trying to keep track of our marketing and so we have our employees enter a call note about a potential new client while they are on the phone and a few days later they go into their Call Manager and update the call note to say if we ended up taking that case.

    I am wondering where the Call Notes are stored in the database. I found the Call Note field in the Call table but I was testing changing the call note in my ShoreTel Call Manager's history and it doesn't seem to change the information in that table. Is there another place where my call history is stored when I am changing these call notes later on? It seems like if we enter a call note while we are on the phone call then the note is stored in the Call table but if we update the note after the call is over, the note in the Call table isn't being updated. Thanks!

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    If the note is changed after the call has ended, this info is only stored in the history.xml file in Application Data on the machine running Call Manager.