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  • 9.2 Upgrade - Caution

    There have been a few posts here about problems with LLDP and the newest versions of shoretel.

    These are no joke.

    If you have switches that have LLDP enabled, but not configured (adtran switches come this way by default), your upgrade will not go well.

    Every phone will go into a continuos reboot cycle and never come up until you go into each switch and disable LLDP completely. You will get a "mismatch message" and the phone will reboot.

    This is obviously a change of some sort on shoretel's part. The same switch config has worked since version 6 all the way through early versions of 9.2

    at some point of 9.2 development, a change was made that causes a complete outage if LLDP is enabled but not configured............

    Not a big deal if you plan ahead and check all your switches first.

    It would be nice if there was a way to globally turn off LLDP in the phones themselves, through director. Sometimes getting into remote switches in remote places is not the easiest task.

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    It would be nice if someone new how to configure LLDP, I sure dont. Chris B, were you at?


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      So by the way, Shoretel has actually implemented changes in behavior to IP Phone Boot behavior before. This actuall occured last time with a 7.0 build. If you statically configured values on phones but only had ftpservers=ADDY and nothing else (this was more common in earlier Shoretel deployments spanning the 5.x & 6.x days), it would overwrite the statically configured values with defaults. This wreaked all sorts of havoc on networks after upgrades and resulted in a loop scenario just like the LLDP issue. I really gave product manaement a hard time about NOT communicating the change to us. The problem is, the firmware on the phones is actually written by another organization.

      We've warned our customers like crazy about upgrades and making sure to disable LLDP-MED (it is only the MED TLVs that matter) before the upgrade OR to implement MED properly.

      What questions do you have on LLDP-MED 400degreez?