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  • Hong Kong dial plan

    We are having issue with users dialing 0060 IDD numbers in our Hong Kong office. I don't know how the Telco stuff there works. Has anyone had experience with this sort of issue? Any help would be great. The local vendor is helping but ShoreTel is pretty new in China.

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    China is all kinds of problems. The issue is that ShoreTel converts all numbers into a standard format, and the carriers there expect the user to figure it out. For example some calls require a proceeding 0, and some do not. How do you know which it is? Trial and error. The solution has been to either get the carrier to always accept the leading 0, to create a giant custom dial plan, or to create two trunk groups, each dialing out a different way.


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      In Germany, we use a Patton SmartNode on every install (for reasons that I dont want to get into right now). Its actually a really cool box. We had the same kind of issue, where at one site, some calls needed a 0 before and some didnt...In this SmartNode, we can make a table that will modify the digits before sending them to the Telco. We created a table so that the users dial the same and the Patton box knows if it should put a leading 0 before the call or not.

      I have also heard of a Shoretel guy that used these SmartNodes in Poland, Czech Republic and Romania to create the dial plans that Shoretel doesnt have yet, so that he could install Shoretel in those countries.


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        Thanks for the replies. This is getting frustrating for us in the US. Our other sites are having the local vendor help (shoretel is weird that way) but its slow going and the IT managers at those sited are getting upset that this is not resolved yet. I'll update this when I get it resolved.