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  • Nagios system monitor


    Does anyone know of any scripts to allow Nagios (open source network monitor) to monitor shore tel systems?


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    What did you want to monitor?


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      Originally posted by Palitto Consulting View Post
      What did you want to monitor?
      well for example.....

      Easy network stuff first,
      Is it alive (ping) (can do)
      Network throughput (can do if I can find the interface)
      FTP alive (can do)
      IIS alive (can do)

      not to easy as i have no idea about shoretel snmp
      number of trunks in use
      number of phones connected
      number in workgroup queue
      any kind of alarm which the system supports

      I can get nagios to run SQL querys and report on the result, i am happy to share the perl scripts (kind of needs tidying up)



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        I don;t know anything at all about ShoreTel's SNMP. Perhaps it supports some of these.

        Number of phones and phone assignment status can be monitored from the ports table.

        For monitoring workgroups and trunks, you can get this via TAPI/ShoreTel's COM object.

        You can find information about switch status by looking in the event logs.


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          Well thats a start at least,

          Stuff that requires the database should be easy,
          There is a windows agent for nagios that can parse the eventlogs, and i think it can query WMI, is this what i need?

          (for those who dont know, Nagios is an open source network monitoring and alerting framework)



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            ShoreTel does not have any support for SNMP appart from MIBII which will let you monitor the network traffic on the interfaces. There isnt a custom MIB that will for example tell you how many ISDN channels are in use at any given moment.

            We use Logmein Pro2 on customer HQ servers where they will allow us, and we can set up this to monitor the event log for certain things. This will then alert us if a process falls over or an ISDN line is down.


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              witwicki - we use Nagios for a variety of network monitoring. We monitor the things we do with other servers (hard drive space, ping, FTP, IIS, services running, etc..) We setup ShoreTel's "Event Filters" to email us if a PRI goes down. I'd be interested to see what you come up with. It would be nice if Nagios knew things like when the trunks are 80% in use, how many agents were logged in groups in ECC, etc.


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                BUMP it up.

                I think the value of this thread is as such that it should be perhaps investigated more. Its one thing to have emailed alerts...but I'd rather know my house is burning down by smelling some smoke moreso then already seeing the fire at my door.

                I agree, a nagios plugin or something similar is drastically needed here. anyone else have any more luck on this?


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                  For those of you who aren't comfortable with the Nagios system, we've found a windows alternative called Cacti. So far it's been a breeze to setup (I'll post a link to the auto-installer, since the step by step instructions aren't quite accurate), and add hosts to the systems.

                  So far, we've found that it can do pretty much everything Nagios can do although setting up the email alerts for downed hosts was a bit of a task.

                  Cacti: The Complete RRDTool-based Graphing Solution
                  Windows Installer [v1.94 - 2009-11-25]

                  There's an enormous amount of templates and add-ins available on their forums for querying WMI's, ping statistics, snmp templates for cisco devices etc.


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                    It should be noted the differences between Cacti and Nagios. They are both monitors for information however Cacti's focus is on GRAPHING data where Nagios is used more for host monitoring status; up, down...etc..

                    I use cacti to graph lots of information - Currently with the way ShoreTel's SNMP works you can only really graph interface stats. There are some people on the Cacti forums that have been writing scripts to poll the "cool" information from a ShoreTel; however I just checked the status and its still a work in progress.