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  • 7.5 MCM on 8800 BlackBerry

    Just wondering if anyone has gotten MCM to work on an 8800 series BlackBerry. Yes, I know it's not supported by ShoreTel but thought I'd check anyway. I got it loaded on my 8820 but get a message saying it's not supported for my BB model.

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    MCM Support Status

    We currently support the 7290 and 8700 on Verizon and Cingular/ATT. We are currently planning to support (but canít make promises) carrier agnostics effective ST7.5, CR2 currently planned for 10/24/07 as long as the carrier supports access to their data network.

    There are currently a few partners who are using 88xx series devices successfully with MCM on a myriad of carriers, but they go unsupported until we can support them (currently planned Ė but no promises) in ST8.


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      The 8800 does state the the MCM is not compatible but you have to press the Blackberry button in order to navigate through the setup. We have it working on both the 8700 models and 8800 World Edition.


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        Thanks guys. Got it working on the at&t 8820 and Sprint 8830.


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          I'm getting a message "The version that you downoaded will not run on the Blackberry - please download the correct version." When I press the bb button the only option I get is to close.

          I installed from mcm176.jar


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            We are interested in trying this product. Before I waste my time, can someone tell me the good and bad.

            We have contacts in exchange public folders. Will the MCM allow us to search/use these from the Blackberries?

            Has anyone tried to search a LARGE number of contacts in a public folder (10,000+)?

            Do the contacts actually appear to download to the phone, or are search requests/responses sent to and from the network/server (What happens if there is no cell signal and you need a number).

            Does the MCM "integrate" with blackberry contacts, for example, can I dial from the home screen by name? Or do I have to go to "Applications", then "MCM", then search and dial.

            You all could save me a bunch of time re-inventing the wheel.


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              MCM Review

              I installed the MCM on a curve (non supported).

              I had to use the blackberry button as described above. The trackwheel does not work.

              It does not appear to support public folders yet. It also does not appear to cache the contacts onto the phone itself (good and bad thing).

              When you lookup a contact it appears to send the string to the server and the server returns the possible results.

              I think this product has a bright future. I was able to change call handling modes, set external assignments, review voicemails, etc.

              I hope they are working on public folders!


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                I have a blackberry 8320 and have the application downloaded to it, but each time I woud put the server address, port, extension, and password, then I would get a message failed to contact sever.

                any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh i am using 7.5


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                  Are you using a BB server in your office? I think the BB server acts as a proxy.


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                    If you have a BES server in the office, please post all the information you are putting in the config exactly as you are entering it


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                      If you don't have a BES server then the MCM website on the ShoreTel server needs to be accessable from the Internet, normally not on port 80 which is why you have to specify that in the MCM app on your BB.


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                        My 8830 works perfectly with 8.1, for those of you who can get the beta. For those of you who can't yet, just hang on. It's incredible and worth the wait!


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                          So can I gather from this conversation that if I have Shoretel 8.1, I can install the MCM on a blackberry without having a BES as long as the BB is a supported model.



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                            If you don't have a BES then you either have to open your shoretel server up to the internet or have a reverse proxy.... neither alternative to a BES is as clean/safe in my opinion.