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  • Find Me - Delay Setting?

    We finally went through hoops and bounds and got Find Me working correctly where it won't drop the call, but now are dealing with something that still makes the feature less applicable.

    When someone calls an extension that then has Auto Find Me on (It's being directed to a cell phone)...when that person answers the cell phone they only get the tail end of the ShoreTel voice message indicating to press 1 or 3. Is there any way to delay this a little bit? It almost seems like when ShoreTel initiates the call to the cell phone, it starts playing the message indicating how to answer the call before the recipient answers the phone.

    Has anyone had this same issue? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Its a tricky dance to get enough rings but not have the caller go to the cell phone's vmail. Try adding a ring count (thats 4 seconds) and turn on announce callers name. You have a call from "Betty White" press 1 to accept... that also will give you some padding. If you accept all calls change from the auto forward change it to transfer