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  • Making changes at the database level take effect

    Hi everyone,

    We're working on solving a complex issue (a people issue, not a Shoretel issue). The best solution we've come up with involves programmitcally manipulating some workgroup configs in the configuration database (the Access DB in version 7.5).

    The problem we have is that the changes do not take effect in a timely manner. There is no problem with the records we update. If I go into Shoreware Director and click save (without touching the data we modified), they take effect immediately. If I leave it as is, they do not.

    What are we missing? What triggers the configuration to take effect? Do we have to also run some executable or write an additional value to the db?

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    You have to restart TMS. I dont know what it is that makes it work in director, but not when you change the database directly, but restarting TMS will work.


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      TMS restart is disruptive

      Restarting TMS is disrputive. Is there any other way?


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        Are you running the ShoreWare Director on a virtual enviornment? I have seen virtual servers do just what you have described.


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          The issue is that there is a function that runs in director after you click save that forces the configure to take effect, there is no other way to force this behavior other than restarting TMS that I am aware of.


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            Aside from restarting TMS, there is no generic way to force an update. You can update a particular piece of information by reverse-engineering the calls Director makes and calling the same functions. You could also automate Director's screen with some tool such as auto-it.