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  • Passing 10 digits

    I'm new to Shoretel and just inherited this system; please be patient. :helpsmilie:

    Our company has locations in two area codes, 803 and 706. We have several public numbers (one for each location) but ultimately, all calls that come in are forwarded to our call center (located in 803).

    We have recently run across an issue where customers calling our 803 branch numbers from the 706 area code, are only being passed with 7 digits to the call center. Since the call originated in 706, the equipment is assuming it needs to dial 706, not 803, therefore forwarding all calls to the wrong number. Is there anyway to force the equipment to pass all 10 digits?

    I've been playing with it (local prefixes and local area codes), but a production environment is not my ideal testing ground. I was hoping to gather more intel before proceeding. I hope I provided enough information. Thanks in advanced for any help you can provide.

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    Resolved. Unchecked

    "Dial 7 digits for Local Area Code (for all prefixes unless a specific local prefix list is provided below) Hint: Local prefixes required for some local service providers with mixed 7D and 1+10D in the same home area."

    under the trunk group for the PRI that was forwarding the call.

    I was concerned about users being forced to dial 10D for local calls, but they are not.