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  • Mobile Call Manager working on Blackberry Storm?

    I installed the Mobile Call Manager on my Blackberry Storm and the install went thru without error. I'm going thru the wizzard to configure the Call Manager and I am stuck on the server settings. I can not get it to scroll down to the next field!

    Server Address -< I'm stuck here and can't do anything except click on next.
    Server Port

    Next goes to the next screen, not the next field. And the next screen states "Please enter all values."

    Does anyone have it working on a Storm?

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    I m Ernest from Martinique FWI we just begin with Shoretel and we have the same probleme with the Mobile Call Manager and BB9520 storm 2

    Do you find the solution

    Thanks for you answer or perhaps help


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      Please can you tell us what Version and Build of ShoreTel you are running. Need to check it is a version and build on which the Storm is supported.


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        It is not. I have seen that before. The Storm is not supported until either 10.1 or 10.2 if I remember correctly. The software does not interact well with the touch screen (different backend controls than the trackballs or trackpads). I am not aware of a way around this other than upgrading to the latest build of 10.2 which supports the storm.