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  • Private Extension Issue

    We moved an SG-50v to another location. Once users were brought back to the switch/site, the extensions are showing up as Private Extensions within Call Manager's History list. I've checked the settings for each user within Director and all appears to be set up correctly...Private Extension is not checked. Extension calls placed to the site users go through AA, then straight to user VM. Extension calls placed from the site to another work fine. External calls seem to route okay.

    HQ is 6.0 MPLS w/ co-lo @ 6.0 (DVM).
    Remote site is 1.5 dsl w/IPSec tunnel with POTS lines. I have other tunnels set up and those sites are running well.

    Am I missing something here...besides a lot of SG exp.?

    Thanks in advance for any input. I appreciate it.