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  • Do switch ports go bad?

    I've got a 120/24 switch that is having an issue with a analog line connected to port 8. I've got lines connected to ports 1-8 but only 8 is having an issue, all the others are fine.

    Using VBTrunkTest I can see incoming calls come in but they never connect to the AA and eventually are dropped. On outgoing calls I see the call being attempted but it's dropped almosty immediately. In both cases the port is left in Out-of-Service (operational).

    After much troubleshooting I finally connected a butt-set to the 66 block where the line is cross connected with the shoretel switch and this works for sending and receiving calls.

    Is there anything else I can try or is this port on the switch just not working?

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    Try a Re-punch, also make sure there isnt a voicemail box on that line. I hear your analog trunks start to trip if you get a message indicator. You know the studdered dialtone.


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      Part of the endless troubleshooting on this was to punch, re-punch, and punch some more. I've never had a problem punching down a block but since I had no way to tell if this was the problem I borrowed a butt-set from a friend. Now I know the punch down is good plus I can test the line just before Shoretel gets it.

      There is no voicemail on the line. I have even moved this line to port 7 on the switch and it worked fine. I then took the line that was on port 7 and moved it to 8 where it no longer worked.


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        and then try it. It will record for 60 seconds on port 8, and then write the files to your HQ ftproot.


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          rebooted the switch, yet?


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            Originally posted by royb View Post
            rebooted the switch, yet?
            A few times. Even rebooted the server.


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              What kind of switch is it? Have you verified that it is a trunk port?


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                Your port 8 isn't set as an analog failover is it?


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                  The SG 120 does not skip pairs on the 66 block. My bet is you have your second line punched to the white green pair of the block and its needs to be on white orange pair. Or turn on port 3 as an ALS and it will start to work.


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                    we had an actual 66 block go bad once. we have also had bad amphenol cables.

                    i know, sounds impossible

                    Anything can go bad.


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                      Yes, they go bad sometimes. We've had sg60 analog ports go bad, and we have a sg120 right now with a bad port 1.

                      The sg120 port went bad during installation of a paging system on that port. Probably got a spike or something.