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  • Shoretel Engineer a Yankees Fan?

    I had a telnet session open to my own IP560 trying to troubleshoot an issue with internal callers unable to hear the other end of a call.

    I kept this up for a while and after a while I recieved a call. So I answered the call, talked for a while and finally hung up.

    For kicks I scanned over the output in the telnet session and I came across this:
    streamModify: Derek (Max)Jeter = 200<-- Go Yankees!!!

    Other than being a little humorous, could this be an indication of a bigger problem?

    Would Jeter = jitter?

    Below is a more complete copy of what I saw in the telnet session.



    Telnet Session Output:
    streamDevAttach: devId 1 streamId 0
    HDSP: PVE Codec for VHD 80 encoder rate change to G.711 u-law 64 kbps no VAD
    HDSP: endpt 80 mode change event op1:2 op2:0

    addAttDev: store devId 1 to streamId 0 list
    streamModify: Derek (Max)Jeter = 200<-- Go Yankees!!!

    streamModify: streamId=0 mode=txrx jitterMin=0 jitterMax=200 jitterTarget=0

    HDSP: PVE Codec for VHD 80 decoder rate change to G.711 u-law 64 kbps
    HDSP: PVE Codec for VHD 80 new frame size: 20 ms
    <<< Recv from "SWITCH_IP":2727 ---
    AUEP 499610153 [email protected]["PHONE_IP"] MGCP 1.0

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    Nice...Someone else found this. I was messing around with the various telnet commands in a phone and noticed this line of code during a phone call. I have a screen shot of it. Some coder just messing around at ShoreTel.


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      GoBeam (acquired by Covad) put "Go_Bears" throughout their configurations.