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  • Launch a program/website on answer

    Is it possible through shoretel to configure a script to open a program(other than outlook) or website when you answer a call?

    I would like to open our helpdesk website automatically with every call answered.

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    This would be really neat if someone has figured out.
    I have a custom CRM program (web based) that we use internally. If I could launch this webpage and pass in a variable (client_id, which could be stored in our Outlook Contacts that is pulled into ShoreTel) that would be awesome.


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      ShoreTel's EasyPop application can do this. If this does not have sufficient functionality, a custom application could also be written.


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        Do you have a link to this software so that we may demo it? My Google-Fu must not be working very well. I can't find this either directly on their website or on Google (vague references to it is all).


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          You will need to contact your ShoreTel partner. They should be able to provide you more information. It is developed by ShoreTel and licensed per-seat.