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  • Using AA to send directly to VM

    I have searched through this forum and seen a few references of using the AA to "transfer to vm".
    I am running 9.2 (1108) and there isn't an option for this that I see.
    Am I missing something?

    Problem I now having is I am using "Take a Message".
    Issue is I send call to the AA, and I hear a ShoreTel voice say "thank you for calling, if you know the extension of the person you are trying to reach, you may dial it now", THAN it transfers my call.

    I want to remove that ShoreTel prompt. I am using ECC to give a caller an option of leaving a voicemail for an agent - when they choose the option, I already transfer to the correct extension, so this ShoreTel prompt will confuse my callers.

    Any ideas?

    PS: I am using the TIMEOUT option from the AA and setting time to 0

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    You need to record the AA as 1s of silence to get that to go away. If you do not attach a greeting to an AA, it uses that message as a default "placeholder" so to speak. I attached one to this post in case you don't have one hanging around.
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