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  • Call to 'A' forwards to 'B' then back to 'A' if no answer...

    Okay, I'm still new at this, so please bear with me.

    Build 13.23.6910.0:

    Okay, as I summarized in the title, x1450 wants his unanswered calls to be forwarded to x1455. If x1455 doesn't answer, he wants the calls to be forwarded BACK to x1450 but then go straight to voicemail.

    I'm thinking huntgroup, but I don't know the recipe. Anyone help me out?

    What about personal assistant?

    Optionally, he may also want calls to him to ring simultaneously to x1455. But bottom line is all calls to him weather he answers or not need to go to his VM if no one answers it.
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    If ext 1450 has call forwarding set to go to ext 1455 in their voicemail, and then ext 1455 doesn't answer, the voice mail will be left in ext 1450's voicemail, not 1455. This is the way almost all phone systems work by default.


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      Here I was thinking that it'd be far more complex than that. I guess I should have read my own summary better.