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  • Softphone stopped responding

    The hardphone functions as normal but the Softphone has stopped. I currently have a warning icon that states "Phone disconnected; Line Disconnected".

    Any information or assistance is appreciated.

    Thank you

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    check tapi and cics connectivity to the call manager. This can be done like so...

    Copy and paste the following line into IE changing <<IP ADDR>> to the IP address of the HQ server.

    http://<< IP ADDR >>:5440/CSIS/CSISISAPI.dll?request?0000;CCSISSvrCONN:: ping

    (No space between :: and ping, but you get a smiley if you do not put it in for the forum)

    then for the tapi press F12 while clicking in the quickdialer section of the call manager and that will bring up a troubleshooting window that has a tapi test utility.