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  • Phone Firmware

    Does anyone know of a way to blow the firmware away on a phone forcing it to re-download the firmware?

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    During reset/reboot when it asks for 'Password?' you can key in '1234#*#############' and it will blow away the phones entire config but it wont cause a re-flash unless their is different firmware available on your FTP server. Blowing away the config may be enough. Whats going on that makes you want to blow away the firmware?


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      Please see


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        The issue is that they started having problems with poor voice quality on the phone. Different phone was swapped with it and the problem stayed with the phone.

        Was thinking that the firmware might just be corrupt and needed to be reloaded.

        I had already tried the clear suggestion, and that does not blow away they firmware as was stated.

        Looks like I will just RMA the phone.


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          Full Factory Reset

          Please be careful with this procedure as you can brick the phone if done incorrectly.

          1. Hit Mute + rramos (772667) + #
          2. Wait for "Factory Test KPD Mode" to be displayed.
          3. Hit Mute + clear (25327) + #
          4. Wait for "Factory Test KPD Mode" to be displayed again.
          5. Power-cycle the phone.

          This will completely reset the phone to factory defaults, also wiping the currently installed firmware. I found these instructions on this forum long ago.