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  • Direct Trunk Access

    Just installed ShoreTel, so I am new on how to do things with ShoreTel.
    Have 90V and PCM 9.2
    We have a PRI and 1 POT line connected.
    The POT is a FX or Foreign Exchange line. We use this to make "free" calls to the next city.
    Everything works fine, if you dial 9 and the number. The issue is this line has the Caller ID blocked from being sent. I don't want the person we are calling to know this number because we only have 1 line going to that city. For outbound calls it will roll over to the PRI if the POTís is busy, but inbound would ring busy.
    Some people we call do not accept anonymous phones calls, so I need to disable the caller id block. I can do this with *82 if I can access the trunk at the time of the call. But I don't know how to access the truck.
    Is there an access code that I can enter to get dial tone on that trunk? My last phone system I would dial # and the trunk number.
    I have entered *82 in the Shoreware Directory for that trunk and it works, but it does this for all calls. If removed it back out.

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    Did you try dialing 9*82<number>? (assuming 9 is your trunk access code)


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      The caller ID that shows on the other side (person called) should be the caller ID setup on the extension making the call.

      The POT line number should not show.

      Am I wrong?


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        davebec, There is no standard way to send caller ID information on a POTS line?

        "If the call originates on a POTS line (a standard loop start line) caller ID is provided by the service provider's local switch. Since the network does not connect the caller to the callee until the phone is answered generally the caller ID signal cannot be altered by the caller. Most service providers however, allow the caller to block caller ID presentation through the vertical service code *67."

        Caller ID - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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          I just tried 9*82 again and it worked, but is went out our PRI, which is not blocked. ShoreTel must read the number backwards or skips the *82, because the call does go thru as if I did not dial *82.
          POT Caller ID are provided by the service provider. They will not change the number to match our PRI because they are on different circuits.
          So, is there an access code that can be dialed to access a trunk?
          I know it's on Port 1.


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            There is not. The Trunk Test tool can, but call manager and phones cannot. To dial a specific trunk, place it in its own trunk group and assign it a different trunk access code.