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  • Permissions needed to modify Auto Attendant greetings

    We'd like to be able to give our receptionists permissions to change our Auto-Attendant message, but nothing else. Is this possible? I've tried testing out with the different levels of pre-configured options, but none do what I need.
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    On the Auto Attendant form if you select 'Allow prompt recording using telephone' and set a password they could record the message just as you would a VM greeting. They wouldn't be able to change the destination of each option but if you just need to change the verbage this should work.


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      Then they just pick up their phone, dial the AA number, and enter the password?


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        They would just log into that extension as if it were a voice mail box, using the Auto Attendant extension and the password. They will be presented with the option to record a on hours or an off hours prompt.

        So pickup a phone, hit the voicemail button, hit # then enter the extension and the password followed by #.