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  • Off Hook Dialing Issue

    Good Afternoon!!
    We have a funny issue going on with off hook dialing. Here is the problem-

    Our local area code is 713.

    1. Without taking the phone off hook, we can dial a LD number by using the following format without issues- 91972-xxx-xxxx. The call goes through.
    2. When we take the phone off hook, get tone, dial 9 for a line, then dial 1972-xxx-xxxx. the number gets changed to 713-972-xxxx.

    Any input is appreciated! Thanks!!

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    Have you looked at your additional local exchanges to make sure there is no mistake?


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      Yes... I sure have. Thanks for the suggestion!


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        We are having similar issue. Is there any fix for this issue.


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          This happened to me while using a custom site dial string because cost recovery was being used. We had 610 listed as the local area code for the site but not 484 because that caused problems in dialing client matter codes. However, we experienced the same issue then when going off hook and dialing a 484 number it would stop after the 7th digit and send the call with 610 inserted in front. I ended up adding 484 as an additional local area code and then changing my custom site dial string to reflect the extra area code. So far testing has gone well but I just did this yesterday.